Life After Getting Married.

This is such a wonderful feeling. Although I’ve been with my husband for almost 8 years, something about being married just makes me feel like it’s new  again. I have the honor of calling him my husband. He is the father of our beautiful baby girl. He is my best friend. We have been through the hardest of times, to the best of times. He was right beside me through it all. Even through my hangry attitudes and the depo DEMON (lol). I mean, he sorta deserves a medal. That’s tough.


Anyway, we’re about halfway through the buying process of our 2nd home. Inspection was wonderful, with only minor defects that were remedied by the seller immediately. Our closing date is set for the 3rd of July, but our lender thinks we can close sooner. Hope that’s the case! Would love to take some time off before the holiday weekend to move and unpack. Possibly barbecue? Islanders are always barbecuing. DUH. The appraisal was ordered and now we’re waiting on that to proceed with the final steps of financing.


I can’t wait to post before and after pictures. I mean the house looks great, it’s just the paint is hideous. I will slowly fix it to my liking. You know, I change my mind all the time, so I need colors that are neutral, and then just choose colorful accents to switch it up. Super excited! I’m gonna have to buy a new sofa set and some area rugs. I saw some cheap ones at! I have decided to wait until we move to purchase large things so I don’t have to repack/move it, or risk it coming late and sent to my old address. I did buy a bbq grill at Kohl’s for only $60 (original was $119). I had Kohl’s cash and they were running a sale so I said hey, why not? We grill every weekend anyway. 🙂


Well that’s  all the updates I have for now. Stay tuned for before and after pics, DIY projects, and more baby & love talk. Adios!









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