Life After Getting Married.

This is such a wonderful feeling. Although I’ve been with my husband for almost 8 years, something about being married just makes me feel like it’s new  again. I have the honor of calling him my husband. He is the father of our beautiful baby girl. He is my best friend. We have been through the hardest of times, to the best of times. He was right beside me through it all. Even through my hangry attitudes and the depo DEMON (lol). I mean, he sorta deserves a medal. That’s tough.


Anyway, we’re about halfway through the buying process of our 2nd home. Inspection was wonderful, with only minor defects that were remedied by the seller immediately. Our closing date is set for the 3rd of July, but our lender thinks we can close sooner. Hope that’s the case! Would love to take some time off before the holiday weekend to move and unpack. Possibly barbecue? Islanders are always barbecuing. DUH. The appraisal was ordered and now we’re waiting on that to proceed with the final steps of financing.


I can’t wait to post before and after pictures. I mean the house looks great, it’s just the paint is hideous. I will slowly fix it to my liking. You know, I change my mind all the time, so I need colors that are neutral, and then just choose colorful accents to switch it up. Super excited! I’m gonna have to buy a new sofa set and some area rugs. I saw some cheap ones at! I have decided to wait until we move to purchase large things so I don’t have to repack/move it, or risk it coming late and sent to my old address. I did buy a bbq grill at Kohl’s for only $60 (original was $119). I had Kohl’s cash and they were running a sale so I said hey, why not? We grill every weekend anyway. 🙂


Well that’s  all the updates I have for now. Stay tuned for before and after pics, DIY projects, and more baby & love talk. Adios!










We are getting married tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap! We will be together 8 years this November. I am so beyond excited! We have been engaged now for 4 years! There was a lot of things that got in the way of us getting married when we originally wanted to, but I’m glad it all happened. We decided to have a small court wedding. As small as Pacific Islanders can get lol. The original plan was a huge wedding, with an awesome band ‘Baba B’ & ‘Unified Culture’. About 350 people invited. Then, the venue I had chosen shut down like 8 months before the wedding. Then my father went back home so we were kinda waiting on that. It was just hard trying to get everybody here at the same time.


Anyway, Plan 2 was to do a small court wedding, then go off to honeymoon In Kauai. Our financial advisor advised us not to take big trips or spend lots of money due to us being in the market for a home. So…. We decided, meh, let’s just buy another house first and see how it goes lol.


So… Now the FINAL plan is to get married in court on this Saturday May 20th, 2017. That’s it. No reception. I didn’t want a huge wedding anymore. I would much rather put my money towards brand new furniture since really, all my current furniture is hand me downs and very outdated. I love it though. Couches and sofas these days are not as comfortable as they use to be like back in the 80s and 90s. I guess it’s time for me to be an adult and finally get matching dinnerware and silverware. It didn’t matter to me before because I was all about ‘if it still works, you must still use it’ lol. Whatever, I’m not in a hurry..


We just put an offer in on this gorgeous Lake House. We got a verbal mutual acceptance, still waiting on the written. Of course, the owners are like in their 80s and are currently in Arizona. They don’t even have an email address so we have to push all correspondence thru snail mail. Yep. SNAIL MAIL. LAwwddyyy. I’ll wait though, as long as it takes. This house is perfect. 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, lake front, over 2 acres, and not far from my mom at all. The master suite has this awesome set up! I promise I will post pictures when we get the house. The tub is ginormous. I could probably drown in it, so deep! Dual vanity, separate toilet, walk-in closet!!  There are also a set of French doors that lead out to a balcony/deck from the master. Perfect for those crisp Pacific Northwest mornings with some fresh brewed Pike’s Place coffee! The other bedroom also has a bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet. GAS RANGE! I love to cook so a gas range is a necessity!  I’m excited to raise my daughter in this house. We intend to live there forever. It’s like a vacation everyday! I feel a longing to be closer with nature and just living in the moment. Yea, this house may be pricey, but I know I want to stay here with my family. I know it is a safe area, and you cannot replace family nor time. I believe we can be very happy there! The (soon-to-be) husband absolutely loves it! He has lots of garage and shop space for whatever he wants to do. Large yard to play with our dog Marley and our baby girl who will be a year old in 3 months! I’m also so excited because I can get ducks and a couple goats! Did I mention that I love animals!!?

My current house will be rented out to my wonderful cousin. I know she will take good care of it. I’m gonna miss that house. Our very first home. We loved it. Had many good memories there. It is a 1940s craftsman home with great bones! We had some great neighbors too! But it is time to upgrade and time to make memories that last a lifetime!


This is the second time today that I have come upon something tragic. A friend of a friend lost her baby while giving birth. Th other one lost her 6 month old baby girl. I sit here and wonder about the pain the are feeling. It must be unbearable. I like to think that all things happen for a reason. But why take a precious, innocent baby? I can’t imagine my baby being taken away tragically. I would die. Seriously. She is my world. She means everything to me.

God, please help those who have lost loved ones. May their hearts heal, may their souls be free. This serves a reminder that everyday can be your last. Live life to the fullest. Hug your babies tight. Embrace the time you have with them.

Travel Tips and Tricks

After traveling basically my WHOLE life, I’ve found these tips to be super helpful. Up until this past trip from Japan, I’ve never flown with a baby. My 7 month old daughter and I flew to Japan this past March to visit Ray. He occasionally goes out of state for work purposes.

I do all the packing anyway because I don’t want him to forget anything. I like to be prepared for anything. Traveling with an infant definitely was different. You pack more. LOL.

Anyway, Here are some tips that may help you. Safe travels!!!!!


  1. Book AHEAD! Go on Skyscanner, Hopper, And Airfare Watchdog to get the best price for flights.

2. For Hotels, It is cheaper in my opinion to book as a package deal. Groupon is a great   inexpensive way to look for vacations/staycations. Some include airfare as well.

3. Different Airport. Try booking a flight out of a different airport. Maybe you live by          a couple airports, sometimes choosing the other one could save you hundreds of                dollars.

4. Infant In Arms? Make sure to call the airlines directly to let them know you will be traveling with an infant so they can possibly put you in a bulkhead seat ( more legroom). Some aircraft’s have a bassinet that attaches to the wall in front of the bulkhead seat. It is for smaller babies, around 26″ or less in height. The other option is to put you and baby next to an open seat. Trust me you are gonna want the extra space. Also, for international flights, you must call the airlines to book baby. Usually they charge 10% of the adult fare for baby.


  1. BE NICE!!!!!! Always be nice to the people that serve/help you. It can get you lots of free upgrades/ waived fees! In Japan, I was over the baggage weight by about 9lbs. I was being super nice to the lady at the desk. She told me not to worry about the weight! SCORE! That saved me at least $75. at the gate, ask if you can get a free upgrade. I’ve done this before, got bumped from coach to First Class for FREE just by asking!
  2. ASK For Upgrades even At Hotel check-in, Ask if they can do a free upgrade or have any promotions (whether it be ocean view, pool view, upgrade in bed, etc… anything!)



This is how I personally pack and it works for me. Depending on where you are going and how long you will be gone for. Take in to account the laundry situation. Do you have time to wash laundry somewhere? Is there laundry facilities on site? In that way, you can pack less and save space for souvenirs. In my culture and family, everytime we travel, we always bring our family back souvenirs. Food, coffee, unique items, decor, hats, shirts etcc..

Without Baby


  • I usually have a big purse like a Tote bag style purse, or a backpack. I prefer traveling with a backpack and a small purse like a wristlet. For nights out, I’ll go with just the wristlet. If I’m out exploring in the day time, I have small 20L backpack. You want something that is strong and sturdy. I have this bag that I use as my daypack/diaperbag for Baby girl.

  • Ziploc Bags are a lifesaver! Use ziploc bags for all liquids (3.4oz or less) DUH, Makeup, paperwork, (to make it waterproof), snacks.
  • Hand sanitizer. Because GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE!
  • Lysol Wipes and Wet Ones. I love the Wet Ones Citrus Scent. I wiped down my seat, and tray table before sitting. I wipe the toilet before using also.
  • Body spray. I use the bathroom right when I get off the plane to freshen up, then spritz all over with a nice light body spray to energize me.
  • Water. Buy it after security. Flying makes you so dehydrated. Make sure to moisturize your face before the flight.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. A change of clothes, plus 2 pairs of underwear, extra socks. You can find me in either yoga pants and a nice sporty tunic and comfy shoes. Layer up!!
  • I always have a notepad and a pen. Everywhere I go. I use it to keep track of where I’m going, especially if I can’t pronounce the names, by writing down landmarks, store names etc because I don’t have international data on my phone.  I also take pictures on my phone. I write down cool things that happened, things I have to see, anything really. I can be forgetful.
  • Packet of Kleenex. Because the flight attendants basically give you half a napkin.
  • Personal Wipes. To freshen up during and after the flight.
  • Entertainment. I normally bring just a small book, or my iPad with me. I can get really restless during a flight and can’t stand to sit there and watch a movie. So I read. Or play games on my iPad/phone.
  • Camera. I always hand carry my camera, because I’m scared it might break with how rough they throw the luggage around.
  • Passport/ID. Keep it accessible and in a safe place. Don’t just put it inside of a pocket. Place it securely in something that zips up so it can’t fall out.


With Baby:

Same as above plus

  • 1 diaper minimum per flight hour plus 4 for before boarding and transit after flight.
  • Wipes
  • 2-3 Change of clothes for baby
  • Toys. Preferably one that doesn’t make a loot of noise. I got my girl a mini little abc cloth book from Walmart for under $2. She loves that thing. Or anything that makes a plastic-y sound.
  • Pacifiers. Get a couple. You may lose one, or get it dirty and not have the resources to properly clean it.
  • Breast feed on take off and landing. This is supposed to help with the discomfort of the pressure/altitude change. If you don’t breastfeed, at least let baby suck on a pacifier.
  • Baby carrier. I have the Baby Bambino and I love it. Baby is at an actual sitting position. Helps with preventing hip dysplasia. Also very convenient for traveling where strollers may not be feasible. I Carried her in the carrier after security, on my way to the gate so I can Gate Check the stroller/ Carseat. You dont ever want to get your stroller and car seat as  checked. It’s possible that it may become damaged en route. At least if you gate check it, it will be brought out immediately and be available to you as soon as you deplane. Super convenient.
  • Try to relax. Break up the time into blocks. It makes it go by faster. Get up and walk on the plane. Don’t let baby stay up before the flight thinking they will sleep the whole time. They may become fussy and irritate some people. I just let her take her normal naps and she was fine. Even though she was up a couple times, she was very pleasant and happy. It was great!
  • ASK FOR HELP if you need it. I was so overwhelmed with happiness when everyone (even travelers) where helping me just by grabbing this or that, or even holding baby so I can eat. Ask the wonderful flight attendants. They helped me out tremendously by re-seating others so I can get baby her own seat. They held baby so I can get something out of my carry-on. They are awesome!



Thanks for reading!