We are getting married tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap! We will be together 8 years this November. I am so beyond excited! We have been engaged now for 4 years! There was a lot of things that got in the way of us getting married when we originally wanted to, but I’m glad it all happened. We decided to have a small court wedding. As small as Pacific Islanders can get lol. The original plan was a huge wedding, with an awesome band ‘Baba B’ & ‘Unified Culture’. About 350 people invited. Then, the venue I had chosen shut down like 8 months before the wedding. Then my father went back home so we were kinda waiting on that. It was just hard trying to get everybody here at the same time.


Anyway, Plan 2 was to do a small court wedding, then go off to honeymoon In Kauai. Our financial advisor advised us not to take big trips or spend lots of money due to us being in the market for a home. So…. We decided, meh, let’s just buy another house first and see how it goes lol.


So… Now the FINAL plan is to get married in court on this Saturday May 20th, 2017. That’s it. No reception. I didn’t want a huge wedding anymore. I would much rather put my money towards brand new furniture since really, all my current furniture is hand me downs and very outdated. I love it though. Couches and sofas these days are not as comfortable as they use to be like back in the 80s and 90s. I guess it’s time for me to be an adult and finally get matching dinnerware and silverware. It didn’t matter to me before because I was all about ‘if it still works, you must still use it’ lol. Whatever, I’m not in a hurry..


We just put an offer in on this gorgeous Lake House. We got a verbal mutual acceptance, still waiting on the written. Of course, the owners are like in their 80s and are currently in Arizona. They don’t even have an email address so we have to push all correspondence thru snail mail. Yep. SNAIL MAIL. LAwwddyyy. I’ll wait though, as long as it takes. This house is perfect. 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, lake front, over 2 acres, and not far from my mom at all. The master suite has this awesome set up! I promise I will post pictures when we get the house. The tub is ginormous. I could probably drown in it, so deep! Dual vanity, separate toilet, walk-in closet!!  There are also a set of French doors that lead out to a balcony/deck from the master. Perfect for those crisp Pacific Northwest mornings with some fresh brewed Pike’s Place coffee! The other bedroom also has a bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet. GAS RANGE! I love to cook so a gas range is a necessity!  I’m excited to raise my daughter in this house. We intend to live there forever. It’s like a vacation everyday! I feel a longing to be closer with nature and just living in the moment. Yea, this house may be pricey, but I know I want to stay here with my family. I know it is a safe area, and you cannot replace family nor time. I believe we can be very happy there! The (soon-to-be) husband absolutely loves it! He has lots of garage and shop space for whatever he wants to do. Large yard to play with our dog Marley and our baby girl who will be a year old in 3 months! I’m also so excited because I can get ducks and a couple goats! Did I mention that I love animals!!?

My current house will be rented out to my wonderful cousin. I know she will take good care of it. I’m gonna miss that house. Our very first home. We loved it. Had many good memories there. It is a 1940s craftsman home with great bones! We had some great neighbors too! But it is time to upgrade and time to make memories that last a lifetime!